Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time to Wear Out the Old Paths

The Old Paths Blog is Finis(hed)?

The old D.R. over at "The Old Paths" is bluffing. Seems he liked the relaxed pace of vacation a little too much and decided to throw in the towel on the blog.
Thing is, in an ultra-private email to me, he confirmed this was just a hoax - a "fake hang-up" Dr. Leo Marvin. In fact, D.R. told me in the strictest of confidence that if he gets 20 comments on his "Finis" post, he will pick up the shovel again and get back to work.
So, I urge all 9 of my readers to head over to The Old Paths and let Mr. Brooker know how much you want him to continue. Just don't tell him I sent you!

UPDATE MARCH 20, 2007: D.R. has selfishly closed off all comments on his blog. But if you would like to leave a kind encouragement to the hermit, you may feel free to do so here. Because that's just the kind of great guy I am!!


  1. It's posts like this that distract me from strategizing with Lindy Ruff on this years' playoffs. We got a lot of work ahead. In case you're scratching your head as to what "playoffs" are, this should help. ;-)

    And don't worry....when the count get's to 19 (as if!) I'll shut them down. Give it two more days and you won't even remember me. Besides, the crickets are enjoying their new home...

  2. Did you record those crickets in the Sabres' dressing room during last year's playoffs?
    Just curious.

  3. You're Bob Wiley? Aaaaagh! Aren't you afraid of getting blown up?