Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shepherds’ Conference 07 – Just Too Short

Tim and I just got back from meeting the Delisle’s, Hodel’s and (surprise!) the Rosenthal’s – all wonderful friends made in my first years at The Master’s College. It was far too short of a time and mrs. kerux needednto have been there. We drove to Bakersfield from LAX – had dinner at Hodel’s Restaruant (the best buffet west of the Atlantic Ocean!) and after a short visit at the Hodel home loaded up for Van Nuys.

Such dear friends – made in 1985 – and still so close in Jesus! A wonderful, bitter-sweet start to my time in LA!

Must sleep!

My first taste of LA sun! 4 degrees in Toronto - 90 degrees here!!!

On the road through LA.

Me and me brothers... trying not to leave.
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  1. There are three primary groups of Christians in North America - those on their way to a conference,those on their way back, and those who wish they could be one of the other two.

  2. Enjoy your time, Paul! Wish I were here.

    In that picture, it was not too hard to pick out the Canadian guy - the one with the denim shorts (are those cut-offs?) and the stain on his shirt.

    Just remember... you and Challies represent Canada. Make us proud. It'd be interesting to know what other Canadians are attending Shepherds Conference.

  3. Stain on my shirt? That is a stain on my camera lens!!!

    At least my legs are not too much whiter than David's!!

  4. Kenny -
    Your jealousy is showing again...