Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Shepherds’ Conference 07 - It Begins

You might have guessed it. Flying Air Canada means you should expect delays! Tim and I got to the airport in Toronto at 6:40AM. The self-serve kiosk would not let us check in so we waited in line for a human – she was very helpful. Then we waited in line again to go through US Customs (when flying to the US from Canada you clear customs and immigration on this side of the border). Then Tim waited in line at Tim Horton’s – 24 minutes for a bottle of water! Then we waited one hour at gate 167. Our plane never showed up – then we waited 20 minutes at gate 170 – I still don’t see a plane! Ah, this is why – they just moved us back to gate 169!

Farden Wegerchowski was just paged for our flight. That is quite a name!

Our plane was scheduled to leave at 8:50Am – we took off at 11:22.

If you reject providence, you might despair.

We will hopefully get to LA though, and from there head up to Bakersfield and back again.

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