Sunday, March 04, 2007

Goings On

It has been a busy few weeks for the kerux.

Saturday night I was privileged to preach at Living Worship, a primarily singing event held every 10 weeks or so by some young adults I know. We were at Tyndale University this time. I was glad to preach about the only Saviour the world will ever know, even though we did not get the crowds we had hoped for.

After preaching twice today, I will begin final preparations for my week away. I am off to California to attend the Shepherd’s Conference with my pal, Tim Challies. You might pray for Tim, he is sicker than a rabid dog on hot July afternoon. We are quite hoping he is better by Tuesday!

While in California, I am also planning to meet some old friends. We will gather at Hodel’s Restaurant in Bakersfield for a little reunion.

I also hope to blog some of the conference. The last time I traveled with Tim I tried doing what he does to see what that was like. Let’s just say I intend to leave the live-blogging to the uber-blogger himself! But I will have my camera and try to give some idea of the “other side” of the conference.

This is reading week at TBS, so I am not missing any classes. Pray that my students read what I told them to read!

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  1. I know you won't admit it but I know those pictures made you laugh! Have a good time away!