Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thank Who Very Much

Gratitude Without God -- Just Whom Does an Atheist Thank?

While watching some silly sit-com one day (years ago when I watched silly sit-coms!) I was struck by the closing scene of this "Thanksgiving Special." The characters had finally all sat down at the table and the dad was to pray - which he did. But everyone had their eyes open and the prayer was addressed to no one in particular.

It dawned on me then that only Christians can give thanks.

Al Mohler links (above) to a very honest essay by atheist Roland Aronson that confirms this point. Aronson admits to an inclination to express gratitude when struck by the beauty of creation... but his solution is a hollow and non-relational disclosure that eventually draws all the attention back to the individual.

Just keep on the hunt for that word "thanks" and you will see it all over your Bible. Christians are thankful to God!