Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rural Routes - Last One (I promise!)

This is me gladhanding the crowd along the parade route.

I have met two state senators and several members of congress at these parades. It cracks me up. They ALWAYS come to me... I must look like an easy vote. Anyway, I always shake their hand and tell them I would never vote for them in a hundred years - to which they look back at me with great bewilderment.
Then I tell them I am Canadian and can't vote. At which point they get really antsy to get away from me and on to someone who counts, but my devious side always works at engaging them in some interesting conversation as I continue to grasp their hand and all my in-laws sit there and giggle.

It is fun for me.

Not so sure about the politicians!

So, I thought I would give the meet and greet thing a shot. How's my smile? Think I have the makings of political career?

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