Thursday, July 13, 2006

Getting in Touch with My Rural Side

We love to go to Indiana every year for the days surrounding Independence Day (or, "The Celebration of Your Rebellion Day" as I like to refer to it).
This year was no exception. First there was the Fireman's Festival parade... mostly fire trucks, home made floats and a lot of tractors (such as this fine Canadian specimen below!).

After grabbing 7 pounds of Tootsie Rolls (the most repulsive candy ever created - and apparently the cheapest, as that is what 99% of parade participants tossed at my kids) we all went to bed waiting for the 4th.
"The Fourth" is short-form for a happy day in America. We spent it with all the relatives by Grandpa's pool - a big Pizza Hut lunch (thanks Grandpa!) followed by body-wrecking games of pool basketball, soccer, and the Annual Charlie-Ball tournament. Wait. There was no Charlie-Ball Tournament this year. How did we miss that?
That night it is off to the town park to watch lots of fireworks - and cringe every time my 4-year old runs wildly with a burning sparkler in his hand.
Sometimes I make fun of America (sorry, Derifter), but it really is a remarkable and blessed country. And frankly, it is a treat to "be American" for a week of the year. Just don't tell my rebellious relatives! Posted by Picasa