Monday, March 27, 2006

More on SiGaPuF... (and some personal reflections)

Today at 10AM the Sovereign Grace Pastor's Fellowship (SGPF) will hold its second last meeting of the season. Robert Zins is scheduled to make a presentation on Roman Catholicism. You can get the goods here.
The last meeting of the year will be featuring(!) me making a presentation on the Emergent Church Movement. The date for that meeting has been changed to Monday, April 10th as the original date was on Easter Monday and that would have severely limited my playing time at the 38th Annual Martin Family Road Hockey Invitational!
So, if you are at all interested in "Emergent" and curious to my views I would invite you to attend this 3 hour meeting. I will present a paper on the subject, then the floor will be opened for discussion. I hope it is a great time. All are welcome... even though it sounds like a pastor's meeting.
I am just finishing my first read of Brian McLaren's "The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything." I hope to include some lengthy interaction with that work, since I assume it reflects the most current thinking of this ever-changing movement. I am also scheduled to take part in a meeting with McLaren himself (like my Pinnock interview for my Open Theism paper) just days before the paper. That will make it challenging to get the paper done on time, but I hope it will ensure my study is fair and representative of the issues. Of course, some will not like that I give McLaren so much attention, but they need to understand that, whether they like it or not, he is their primary representative.

On a personal note, we had a great day at Grace Fellowship Church yesterday. Thus proving my point again that you should never miss church! The Sunday you miss is invariably the Sunday the Lord comes with power! Although, we had so many folks out yesterday we were scrambling a bit for chairs... the Lord continues to bless. Would that every unbeliever that was at church yesterday would wake up and find themselves a Christian today!


  1. Will there be audio of your presentation available after for us working stiffs to hear? Will you post your paper on line?

    Are you meeting McLaren at the Resonate meeting?

  2. Oooooo yeah, post your paper online!

  3. D.R. -
    So many questions...
    1. Don't know about audio but "my guy" might be recording it. Not sure.
    2. Guys like you should just take a day off of work.
    3. Paper will be posted. Not sure if I will do it in total or in sections on my blog. (That way giving me lots of easy content for my blog for a while!)
    4. The meeting with McLaren is Resonate at Richview Baptist Church - anyone can come. See here

  4. I should have asked if you've grown any rad goatee to mark the event...

  5. Just finished combing my soul patch...