Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm "Childfree" For Little Ol' ME!

BBC NEWS | Europe | The rise of the 'childfree': "

"Some people simply have no maternal feelings - some are worried about how the world is going, some like to travel, some like to pursue their careers - we're not selfish people."

'Selfish and irresponsible,' are words that 43-year-old Jane, who lives in London, is used to hearing.

In the UK, the most commonly cited statistic is that by 2010, one in four will be either childfree or childless.

'I made the choice early on not to have children. I don't dislike them - I simply decided that I could not devote 100% of my time to someone else,' she says."

And exactly how is that not selfish?


  1. Although, in a bizarre kind of way, it is good to see people like this not reproducing...

  2. Eh, I think she's over-estimating the travail. Even with 5 kids, my parents managed to have evenings out and even go off for an occasional weekend (we were blessed with aunts who were able to stay with us) -- parents who really do devote 100 percent of their time to their children need to ease up a bit.

    Then again, I think that choosing to have children is perfectly valid -- no more selfish than those who choose to have children in order to perpetuate the family name. One can choose to have or not to have children for many reasons, trivial and grand, selfish and non-selfish.