Thursday, February 02, 2006

Correction and More Information Concerning Evolving Church Conference

I received a very kind email today from Nathan Colquhoun, one of the four primary organizers of the Evolving Church Conference I blogged about here. He asked me to make these corrections to my original post and I am glad to do it.

1. This event is not being organized by Tyndale Seminary. Tyndale is a sponsor of the event and also the venue for it, but Nathan and his pals are the ones organizing and running it.

2. Nathan and the others are not interested in "pushing emergent." He wrote:

Also, this isn’t an Emergent sponsored event, I know that wasn’t stated, but it's always good to make that clear, but you’re right, 2/3 of the speakers would represent Emergent... We are just four young guys with no agenda of any sort like pushing emergent and making it mainstream, or any political agenda... Anyway, I just wanted to clarify, because it seemed like you and a few of your commenters have a completely wrong idea of what’s behind this conference (though maybe correct about the speakers themselves).”

3. I indicated to Nathan in our private correspondence that since all that is true, it would
a) probably be a good idea to make that clear on the event website, and
b) be wonderful if they would consider inviting at least one speaker who is opposed to the emergent agenda.

He graciously took those ideas into consideration. I know it is only email, but Nathan struck me as a great guy. Let's pray for these brothers as they seek to do good and exercise Biblical wisdom. (email quoted with permission)