Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoon Riots: Nothing Funny

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Four killed in cartoon protests

If you ever wondered if there was any difference between Christianity and Islam, here is the proof.

Images of Jesus Christ have been subjected to the most horrific treatment, such as American photographer Andres Serrano's blasphemous images of a crucifix submerged in his own urine (offensive image and information).

But you don't see any Christians burning down buildings or throwing themselves into frenzied mobs.

Jesus was mocked and despised in his earthly life - and He demonstrated how to respond to such cruelty and injustice (see 1 Peter).

Bottom line: Our God is sovereign and will mete out a perfect justice in the great and final judgement. He doesn't need me to burn your house down just because you blaspheme Him. In fact, He calls on me to warn you of your sin and (wonder of all wonders) to urge you to embrace the One you have mocked and disgraced as your own Saviour from sin and its punishment.

Such a glorious gospel!

Such a glorious God!


  1. They call it "freedom of the press", but I think another name for it would be "stupidity". The media retains its "right to caricature God", but no good comes from it. If people riot and kill because a cartoon is published, I think the devil is the one laughing, not God.

    Of course the rioting and killing is wrong, but it's easy to understand where that rage is coming from. No bridges are being built between Christianity and Islam through these idiotic cartoons. If their ears weren't closed to the gospel before, they will be now, even though those responsible for the cartoons were not Christians. But muslims see them as western, which I suppose is equal to Christianity in their minds. Makes me crazy.

  2. Well said derifter.

  3. while i don't see Christians burning down buildings in response to Serrano's images, i do remember the Crusades and Christian persecution of Jews in response to Passion Plays. The fact is, both Muslims and Christians are wicked. Jesus Christ alone is Righteous! If i were you, i would keep the comparison between Christ and Mohammed, not their followers.

  4. Anonymous -
    You must be pretty old to remember those crusades! :-)
    Seriously though, there is much evidence that those who organized and promoted the Crusades were anything but true Christians.
    A true Christian is not one who is born in a "Christian country..." he or she is a person who has repented from their sins and trusted in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.
    And Jesus Himself told us we would know the true Christians by the fruit of their lives (as it lined up to His commands).