Tuesday, January 31, 2006



Tyndale Seminary here in Toronto is hosting a conference on the emerging church.

I won't go in to why I think this is particularly sad (like the seminar where we can "address certain nagging problems" with the Biblical text and "struggle toward addressing our problems with the Bible"), but I do think it is worth noting who the sponsors are of this event. Besides Tyndale (no surprise there...)

Compassion Canada
Campus Crusade for Christ
The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

The last one I can understand... but the first two baffle me.

Emergent is fast becoming mainstream. I think pastors in particular need to wake up and realize this is not going away fast. Best to do some investigation and prepare to deal with its inherent errors.


  1. I thought that it would be good to go and listen to what is being said. I was hoping that the meetings would be to investigate the emerging church, but alas, their web site seems to be a promotion, not an investigation. I would still go to hear from the horses mouths what they are about but alas alas I am not willing to fork out the $89.00. I was even going to ask Kerux to accompany me but I really am not willing to fork out $178.00!!

    It is concerning in many ways.

  2. We've been supporters of Compassion Canada for many, many years now. We've always been impressed with their Christ-centered focus, especially when other similar organizations (World Vision) seemed to be moving away from being distinctively Christian.

    I think I'll give them a call and express my dismay at their involvement in this conference.

    On a lighter note, I see from the pictures of the speakers that facial hair is a requirement for the emergent. McLaren has a full beard (like me), while the others have that little tuft of hair below their bottom lip (is there a name for that?).

    Maybe I should start a post-emergent church? I could write a book called "A Generous Post-Heterodoxy", and "Blue like bigband" and "The Truth is Stranger than It Used to Be But Not As Strange As Some Others Have Thought It Was".

    Anyone want to join?

  3. Paul, I'm amazed that you transitioned so quickly from liberal politics into a new career as a conservative pastor. As a Canadian living in Colorado, it's always interesting to see what's happening in the Great White North.

    The last time I was in Toronto was in 2002 for the Evangelical Theological Society meeting when open theism was the big topic, but I think they'll have to focus on the emergent question soon.

    Tomgee, for a great article on the soul patch, click here. I won't be joining your church, as I prefer "Blue like Stevie Ray Vaughn."

    BTW, I have several McLaren reviews at my site.

  4. Sadly, this is not surprizing about Tyndale. The trajectory they are on is scary.

    I really look forward to April 17 when you will give a paper at the Sovereign Grace Pastor's Fellowship in the emergent church. I've invited an emergent pastor friend of mine, who I hope comes. I especially look forward to hearing the kernels of truth, helpfulness, etc. that the emergent church gives, while also hearing the overall weaknesses of the movement.

    Quite frankly, I'm way to behind in my theological development to spend much time studying modern half-truths. That's why I like to rely on (much more mature, godly) guys like you to give me the run-down on things like this.

    On that note, Binbrook Baptist eagerly looks forward to hearing you preach at our men's breakfast this coming Saturday!

    In Christ, Ian.

  5. Ian said: "On that note, Binbrook Baptist looks forward to hearing you preach at our men's breakfast this coming Saturday!"

    Ian, shouldn't that read, "...preach this coming Saturday and then school us at ball hockey?" :)

  6. Ken - I still think you should pay for me.
    Tom - Thanks for making that call!
    Ian - Get ready to get pummelled - by the Word and my stick!
    Randy - Nice to have you comment. You have a great site. I was at those ETS meetings also... very interesting.
    JLF81 - Keep taunting Ian!

  7. Dear Paul and Julian,
    You both talk a mean game. I mean, by the way you guys talk you must think you're great. Paul, you look like a hockey player (Chara), but I've never seen you play. Maybe I should be worried, but I'm foolishly not.

    On a serious note, pummel us with God's truth and then we'll have fun playing hockey. I hate to break this to you, but we don't have a big enough gym to play more than 3 on 3 plus unequipped goalies, which will probably mean that we'll break teams up and there will not be distinctively Binbrook and Torontonian teams. We could, though, have an all-star game at the end, Binbrook's best vs. GFC's best effort. We'll have to see.


  8. Hey there.
    My name is Nathan Colquhoun and i'm one of the originators of the event. I was hoping to contact you over e-mail but I couldn't find your address. Could you please send me an e-mail if you get a chance.