Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Randy Alcorn - Perspectives on End of the Spear and the Chad Allen Controversy

Randy Alcorn writes a summary of his interaction with the various parties in this controversy. I agree with his first conclusion which is to keep the viewing of this movie a matter of private opinion (see my earlier posting on this here.) I wish Randy had written more, though, on what I consider to be the silly reasoning of Saint in moving ahead with Allen in the role of his father. Like most problems, there is a theological root to this one! God does not speak to people in dreams.
All that being said, it is worth hearing the warning Alcorn includes for bloggers. It follows here:

EPM Resource - Perspectives on End of the Spear and the Chad Allen Controversy: "This End of the Spear situation is also a timely reminder of the inherent dangers of blogs, and I am not just referring to the Sharperiron blog by Jason Janz. Usually there is no editor. No checks and balances. Yet because you have words attractively placed on a screen, there is an illusion of credible research. Often the research is minimal and limited to internet sites.

But there are a lot of truths you can't just Google. You've got to make the effort to go directly and privately to your brother, just like Jesus commanded us to.

Blogs have no publisher with a legal department or wise counsel to look at potentially slanderous accusations and say 'Have you gone to them and asked them to respond?'

After writing more than twenty books, I know there can be inaccuracies even after a dozen people in our office and at the publishing house have looked over manuscripts. But when it's just the lone blogger, where's the process, the give and take, the wise counsel and accountability? Where's the iron sharpening iron?

With blogs, there is often almost no gap between composition and publication. The potential result is misinformation by the truckloads."


  1. Please don't land me on the wrong side of the issue at hand, Kerux, but did you say "God does not speak to people in dreams."? If so, I'd like your interpretation of a few verses.

    (I'm not trying to be a pain, just hoping for clarification)

  2. Hey Derifter,

    I won't land you anywhere!

    Yes I did say that.

  3. First, I'm not saying that this dude's dream was from God. (Just want to be clear on that.)

    But are you of the persuasion then, that God used to speak to people in dreams in the past (both OT and New), and will again in the future, but we're stuck in a period in between where He doesn't? If so, I'd love to know why!

    I'm glad you paid for the Big Picture Bible before rushing off.

  4. By the way, I'll tell you ahead of time that I won't argue with your reply because I realize that:

    a) It wasn't the point you were trying to make in this post and

    b) There's an excellent chance I won't change your mind anyway!

    If you happen to bring it up another day, perhaps I'll argue with you then. But for now... "sweet dreams."

  5. derifter,
    Yes. I think that God has given us the Word and that dreams and visions have no place in this period of time.
    I think I will try to post my whole argument for this another time, as it would take too much to do it here. Besides, I would enjoy the discussion that such a post would bring that a comments string would not generate!
    Thanks for noticing (in my best Eeyore voice).