Friday, January 13, 2006

Legalize polygamy: Martin Government-subsidized Study

Legalize polygamy: study: "A new study commissioned by the federal government recommends that Canada legalize polygamy and change legislation to help women and children living in plural relationships."


So, all that time we spent pointing out that this is exactly what was going to happen should we re-define marriage to include homosexual couplings wasn't a red herring after all?

This is the saddest case of "I told you so" I have seen in a long time!

Why not take this little bit of information to your next all-candidates meeting and ask the Liberal candidate to explain why his government was so wrong on this. Boy, they could have saved the $150,000 and just asked me! Better yet, they could have given me the money and I would have told them exactly the same thing!


  1. Mortal men cannot make polygamy lawful because of the laws of God currently in place. However, it is possible for the Queen to take polygamy out of the Canadian criminal code. Decriminalizing polygamy, then, would not mean legalizing polygamy (or would not mean making polygamy lawful).

    Can Irwin Cotler or anyone else explain why polygamy currently is a criminal offence in Canada?

    If all the participants in a consensual loving adult polygamous relationship credibly claim that they do not believe they are being harmed in that relationship, then harm in that relationship cannot be presently proven.

    Why should a consensual loving adult non-harmful relationship be a criminal offence?

  2. The next step is marrying one's pet. . .really!!!