Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fair is Fair? Where the Logic of Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage Must Lead

Fair is Fair? Where the Logic of Civil Unions or Same-Sex Marriage Must Lead: "Like it or not, this is where the logic of civil partnerships and same-sex marriage inevitably leads. If marriage rights are divorced from heterosexuality and procreation, a refusal to accept virtually any formalized relationship anounts to just another form of discrimination." Such is the conclusion to Al Mohler's brief piece on the trajectory of same-sex unions that many of us have been pointing toward for years (always with the pat reply: "you're just using a red herring!"). In this case, the "Couple" is a non-homosexual, non-incestuous mother and daughter who just want the same tax and social benefits offered to the two women down the street.
There is a similar, albeit more twisted article in this week's Maclean's. Here we are told that "polyamory is not to be confused with polygamy..." To the uninitiated, polyamory is the desire to have a girlfriend, tell your wife about it and carry on both relationships simultaneously. The Bible has another word for this!
The article ends with this not surprising comment:

"Another worry, however, stoked partly by the legalization of gay marriage in Canada, is that polyamorists will push for group marriage. On this issue, Luc, who started Polyamory Canada in 2002, seems to reflect another popular sentiment among polyamorists: "Social unions are possible without marriage." He says he's not aware of any campaign for group marriage in Canada. But there has been some discussion among polyamorists about creating a system of legal contracts around issues such as child custody and family rights."

One man and one woman until separated by death is the only right relationship. Everything else is a perversion.