Friday, January 13, 2006

Talking with My Liberal MP

I just spoke with my Liberal candidate (and current MP) for this area, Roy Cullen.  I like Roy.  I have met him before and he seems like a decent guy.  Not only that, he was one of the few Liberals to vote against his party on the same-sex marriage bill.  Now that I think of it, he has also been very faithful to answer all of my emails and letters and phone calls.
Too bad he is running for the Liberals.
We talked for about 5 minutes, until I said that I would never vote for Paul Martin (current Prime Minister) since he was the Finance Minister when all the Adscam corruption took place.  
Roy said, “Paul Martin was the one who called for the Gomery Inquiry.”
I replied, “Roy, he was the minister writing the cheques when it all took place!  That means one of two things. 1. He is lying when he says he didn’t know what was taking place or 2. He was a pathetic minister!”
Roy said, “Okay. Good bye.”  And walked away.
It has got to be hard to stick to the party line when you’re a decent guy surrounded by corruption.

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  1. So your're an NDP guy, eh.

    Maybe I shouldn't joke. . .maybe you are a Laytonite. I'm from Oshawa, so I'm supposed to vote NDP, but never have and probably never will.