Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scotsman.com News - Scotland - one in three clergy believe in damnation

See full article here:

"The survey, 'Hell in Scotland: A Survey of Where the Nation's Clergy Think Some Might Be Heading', was conducted by Dr Eric Stoddart, a lecturer in practical theology at St Andrews University.

The divinity scholar canvassed the views of 750 clergy from the Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist and Scottish Episcopalian churches, as well as other Presbyterians and the Salvation Army, to find out what constituted a modern Hell.

Stoddart said: 'The fire and brimstone may largely have been extinguished but the beliefs that many Scottish clergy hold concerning the potential horrors that await 'the lost' continue to be dark and forbidding. All will not be well, if the majority of Scotland's clergy are to be believed.'"

HT: Steven Lee

[Edit: I changed the title to be less offensive - I did not check the original title before posting directly from scotsman.com]


  1. The Lord will be pleased to shame the "wisdom" of this world.

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