Monday, December 05, 2005

BreakPoint | Scary Science - Weeding Out the Unwanted (in the Womb!)

BreakPoint | Scary Science:
"Through a socially acceptable form of killing, we would take the opportunity to eliminate an entire group of people in order to spare ourselves from having to deal with their differences—because that’s what it really comes down to. "

Thanks to Chuck Colson for posting this.
As the father of a disabled son (whom I love like crazy) these kinds of events have taken on new meaning to me. My boy is different - but he is my boy!
We were given certain indications early on (pre-birth) that not all may be "normal." I still seeth (sorry!) when I think of the way the "health care professionals" showed us a video of drooling, dopey eyed "retarded kids" next to "normal kids" so that we could make an informed decision as to whether or not to carry on the pregnancy. Thankfully, termination was never even the slightest bit of an option for us.
Oh, where would I be today without my boy!?! My 4 kids are one of the greatest joys of my life.
The disgusting self-interest that drives selective parenting has never looked so awful to me. And the revolting attack on parents by some relationally-unconnected geneticist suggesting to them to kill their own children - when those parents are at their most vulnerable - is downright criminal in my mind.

Well, I wasn't going to write all that... but wrong is wrong.

Have your baby! Life will not be easy... but God will be glorified and you will know Him like never before and you will love that person with all of your heart!


  1. Amen. Another instance of the sovereign hardening of hearts by God. It is shocking and disgusting what humans are capable of when left to themselves. I often feel like our society and this whole world is hanging by a fraying tread. With all the lies and crime happening in huge institutions it is surprizing that we have not destroyed ourselves yet. If anyone reading this does not know Paul's son, he is one of the most affectionate, charming, and intelligent 4 year olds I have ever met. I am praying that God will continue to bless you and Susan and your efforts as you seek to raise a godly son. It is inspiring.

  2. Great post, Paul.

    And I agree with "son of man", Paul's son is such a sweet, lovely boy!

    Before my son was born, we were meeting with a paediatric geneticist. They believed he might have Beckwith-Wierderman (sp?) Syndrome. Those were difficult times, but I am grateful that no one at any time suggested that we might abort him. What a horror of our times, this wholesale murder of the "inconvenient"!

  3. I also agree with son of man and always brings me great joy to see Pauls' son, hes very sweet(along with all the others mentioned above and more) and I love his smile :-) When your post mentioned making an 'informed dicision', does anybody know if they show videos of how an abortion is done to those who wish to have an abortion? For the record, I havnt seen one and I would not want to, but I think seeing one would change my mind if I was so inclined and so Im not sure they would show you the video if they wanted you to have an abortion. I think the 'informed dicision' may be 'forceably' informed. Meaning, that the information is given is biased already rather than informative and unbiased. I praise God for the health care professionals who care and do their job well!! I thank God He has given us His Word that is true, so we can be truly informed and reformed!


  4. I can and I can't believe this is happening. I can because I know how perverse our world is. I can't because......well I just can't express that in words.

    I remember the third week I came to GFC and I only knew like two peoples names. I was walking down that stairs and Will came up to me and said "Hi Nick!". I had to ask him his name. I honestly can't believe someone would be given the option to take a miracle like Will away. Ahhhhh it just makes me sick....I think we should make this a matter of prayer...

  5. I can't "amen" enough. There aren't enough words to describe how special Will is to everyone who knows him. It makes me so mad...

    ... but how much does it magnify the grace of God, as well! Just think, as son of man said, this is a case of hardening, God giving us over to the sin we want.

    Just think, this could just as easily be me, if God hadn't have chosen to change my heart to delight in him. I could be the one killing the innocent and vulnerable... more than just getting mad, I need to praise him for his grace... and pray for the lost. Only God can change their minds... they really are blind.

  6. Paul, thank you for your pointing to Colson and your personal interaction. My wife and I adopted two incredible children this past summer and part of the paperwork was filling out what kind of medial issues you will accept. We really had to wrestle with that. We have been blessed to meet some dear brothers and sisters who have choosen to adopt disabled children! That is especially commendable in light of your post! Thank you brother...

    On anther note, we're still hoping to make it back to Canada one day. Are you goign to be at the BPC this year?