Tuesday, December 06, 2005

On Being Paul Martin

For my American friends: Imagine your name was George Bush.

You have now entered my world.

The Prime Minister of Canada is a man by the name of Paul Martin. He was groomed for this position for years, and back before his first election, I wrote a piece that got published in our national news magazine, Macleans.

I am linking to it here for these reasons:
a) There is now a new election under way... and Paul Martin wants to be PM again.
b) I really don't want Paul Martin to win.
c) I thought it was at least mildly funny and you might enjoy it.


  1. To the Right Honorable Paul Martin:

    I had heard you did a piece for Macleans, but since I ditched my subscription for a less Liberal rag, I didn't get to read it. Thanks for posting it, it was awesome! Very well done, and absolutely hilarious.


  2. I need to start following Canadian news! I'm out of it. Shame on me.

    God be glorified in our land!

  3. Well done, Paul! I think you should just go by kerux Martin.

  4. Boy, your family is absolutely RUTHLESS in their lyrics! I've never made a joke about your name (yet). But then I've never heard of Paul Noemata. I just found out there was a Canada last Thursday!

    So much for never having joked about your name.

  5. Great article, Paul. If you can't laught at the irritating things . . .

    Nice work on the graphic, too!

  6. Thanks Terry...

    But the artwork was all Macleans - I can take no credit.

    I begged a copy of it off the editor I dealt with then scanned it and added it here. (It looks better in person... but that was the best I could do!)

    Keep preaching Christ out there in the West!!