Friday, April 22, 2011

Telling a Teller About Jesus

I had the joy of talking to my bank teller about Jesus yesterday. She is from India, a very pleasant and kind woman, and we got to chatting about Easter. I told her that Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus for sinners and that Easter commemorates the third day after his death when God raised Him from the dead. She looked shocked. Having lived in Canada for over twenty years she had no idea that was what Easter was all about.
I was shocked, too. It is so easy for me to forget how little people know of the Gospel. And how distorted the world’s perception of true Christianity can be (she later innocently assumed that “Canadian” equaled “Christian”).
I say all of this just to remind you, if you are a Christian, to be careful to not assume too much when talking to others about Jesus. It is a post-Christian world we live in and the most basic tenets of Christianity that my generation grew up understanding (even if rejecting) are unknown by most today.

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  1. So true. I remember years ago at my job I thought my co-worker knew what Christmas and Easter were all about. I wasn't a Christian then even though I grew up in a Christian home. I was surprised that she had know clue. What added to my surprise was that she would be considered the typical Anglo-Saxon 30th generation Canadian. Since then I never assume. Now that I'm saved, it makes the importance of sharing the Gospel even more relevant.