Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Friday Service - Some Important Updates

The Good Friday service will be framed around the Seven Sayings of Jesus from the cross. AW Pink wrote a great little book on these statements that would be wonderful reading in preparation for Friday. You can find those sayings in these passages:
  • The First Word – Luke 23: 32-38
  • The Second Word – Luke 23: 39-43
  • The Third Word – John 19: 25-27
  • The Fourth Word – Mark 15: 33-34
  • The Fifth Word - John 19: 28
  • The Sixth Word – John 19: 29-30
  • The Seventh Word – Luke 23: 44-46
You will need to get a ticket to get in to the Winter Garden Theatre. This is one of the few “double-decker” theatres left in the world and the Winter Garden sits atop the Elgin. As there will be an event going on in the Elgin at the same time, you will need to pick up a free ticket for our service in order to get in the building. Those tickets will be available at the ticket counter at the front of the theatre.

Again, the easiest parking looks to be at The Eaton Centre. Park there and walk across Yonge Street and you will be at the Elgin/Winter Garden.

More important than all of this, however, is what you do today. It is the week we remember the single most important event in human history.
  • Have you been reading the Gospels?
  • Praying?
  • Thinking about Jesus?
  • Talking about His death around your family table?
  • Confessing sin?
  • Remembering that Christ died for your sins and was raised?
Redeem these precious days.

Anticipating great things with you!

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