Monday, May 09, 2011

God is More Interesting than Stealth Helicopters

I often find myself eager to log in to Google News or some other source to see what is going on. I installed Leechblock on my work computer some time ago and was surprised to see just how much I like to “check on things.”

While this fairly constant urge may be the sign of some pretty significant heart idolatries, I think part of what generates this action is the urge to find something interesting to think about. When you think about it, most of us lead pretty boring lives. We sleep, we wake, we work, we do stuff around the house, we sleep. “News” holds out the promise of something, well… new! And new means interesting.

To look for something interesting in this life can be good at one level – we were made to subdue and enjoy the creation. Yet, something is wrong when my hunt for the  “interesting” curbs my pursuit of God. God is the most interesting subject in the Universe! If I am more excited to log on to an internet news source than I am to read my Bible and pray, this is evidence I have gotten things backward.

It is true that God is unchanging. But He is unchanging in unsearchable wisdom and unfathomable depths of love. Who God is remains the immeasurable mystery that will take up an endless eternity. Our love and enjoyment of Him will increase daily in the new heavens and the new earth. Why then do I allow myself to be sidetracked and distracted by what kind of helicopter Navy SEALS used to crash land in Osama bin Laden’s compound?

God is the most interesting subject in the Universe.

That thought has helped clarify to me what I should be thinking about and chasing after.


  1. Great points brother. But, stealth choppers are pretty cool. Just sayin'!

  2. Hey Paul,

    Thanks for your thoughts on this one. Perhaps you can help me with a could things though. I have a similar struggle when I see how easily I can get sidetrack by news, sports scores, trade rumors, facebook, etc. I recognize that my affections for these things are often must stronger than my desire to pray or be in the word.

    So, having identified this as a problem, what advice to you have for those who share it?

    Also, how can one use these things or "check on things" in a way that honours God.

    I guess sometimes I would tend toward extremes in this, and live out too great a dichotomy between the spiritual life and the physical - some sort of latent monastic tendency I guess. :) Thoughts? Thanks again!

  3. Andrew -
    I suppose question one should be, "What do my tendencies teach me about my heart loyalties?" I want to think about what I really love.
    Then I think we need to ask the Holy Spirit to help us exercise the self-control that is the fruit of His presence in His life. What that all ends up looking like in your life might be quite different than mine.
    But one helpful aid to me has been leechblock. You install it on Firefox and it blocks you from time-waster web sites like Facebook, etc at the times you pre-arrange in your moments of sanity.
    That helped me a lot. But there is no true solution outside Jesus!

  4. Thanks for getting back to me Paul.