Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Elisha Foundation Retreat 2008 (2)

(10:00AM) I just flew over the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan and for a few moments, the clouds broke and I had a crystal clear view of land and water. So clear and green and blue and vibrant!
I am praying that my ministry at TEF this year might break up some clouds for suffering families and give them at least a partial glimpse of the beautiful Saviour. It is a daunting assignment. Stephanie Hubach makes the keen observation in her book that all of us are disabled… by sin. Although some people are born more “visibly disabled” (my term) than others, we all have the image of God in us broken by sin. That means that parents of special needs kids are just in need of grace as their child. And so am I.

So, pray for all of us this weekend. Many will be there to whom Jesus is unfamiliar. My goal is to present Him in all His health, strength, hopefulness, life, grace and mercy. I will do that by preaching 6 times from the Gospel of John. John’s whole purpose in writing was that people might see that Jesus is exactly all these things, and that by seeing Him as the Saviour, might then trust in Him for life like a scuba diver trusts in his oxygen tank at 150 feet under the sea.

The One who healed so many from so many different kinds of affliction and suffering was making a point – fullness of life is in Him alone.

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