Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Elisha Foundation - Retreat 2008 (1)

I leave tomorrow for Oregon to preach at the 2008 Spring Family Retreat of The Elisha Foundation. You can click here for a list of posts from last year’s retreat.

I love the whole idea of TEF – to help families who live with the “new normal” of a special needs person in the home. I have been reading a smallish book for the last two weeks that touches on this very topic. It has been taking me so long to read as it is one of those books I have to put down and ponder for a while before moving on. I will write a review, Lord willing, in the next few days (depending on whether I sit by a talker or sleeper on the plane!), but for now am happy to commend to you, “Same Lake, Different Boat” by Stephanie Hubach.

More to follow...

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