Monday, May 19, 2008

20 Things You Didn't Know About Victoria Day

CityNews: 20 Things You Didn't Know About Victoria Day:

Are you thinking of Queen Victoria today? If you live in Canada, you ought to be.

"19. We all know that Victoria in B.C. is named after her, but so is the capital of Saskatchewan - Regina."


  1. And as any self respecting Newfoundlander would want everyone to know, B.C. does not first of all stand for British Columbia, it stands for Behind Carbonear. Carbonear Newfoundland that is, and it was named after her majesty.

  2. Kenny -
    Did you just say Queen Victoria's nickname was "Behind Carbonear?"

    I am.... puzzled?

  3. um, I don't think I said that but as usual I speak a little unclearly. There is a Victoria in Newfoundland near Carbonear. We call it Victoria B.C. - Behind Carbonear. It is also near the little village of Clown's Cove (I kid you not)which is the village of my ancestors. In fact, my father was born in Clown's Cove, near Victoria, B.C.

  4. Knowing your roots are in Carbon Ear and Clown's Cove explains so much, Ken!