Sunday, March 02, 2008

WIS 2008 - The Band of Brothers

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"The Boys Goofing Around Before Practice Friday Night"

A big part of what we tried to do at WIS was model... and no, that did not involve a runway.

We are blessed every week to be led in our singing worship by the guys we affectionately call, The Band of Brothers. Dave, Ken, Jim and Josh play week by week... and we brought back our ringer "Special K" for percussion. These guys ministered on Saturday playing 19 songs in 4 sets with no practice times between leading. Plus, most of them were also leading workshops in the one time they might have taken a break. It was a day of serving for them... just like they do all the time in our church.

If the Lord ministered to you via the boys yesterday, feel free to leave a comment here for them and I will be sure to pass it along. (Unless you guys still read my blog? Do you read my blog BofB???!?) :-)