Friday, March 21, 2008

"What Do You Love About Jesus?"

A re-made soul: Living in a Christ-driven revolution that speaks a mercy-filled message: What we love about Christ

My friend Catherine has a remarkable memory! I will allow her to explain...

We gathered at Grace Church yesterday. As our last song before our prayer time, we sang "My Jesus, I love thee". When I was singing this song, I regretted in my own heart how much I haven't loved Christ in such a way and to such an extent that He deserves.

Before prayer, Pastor Paul asked us to answer this, I would say, timely question—after we sang that song and before Easter. 'What do we love about Jesus?'

The exercise was a great way for us to delight in the Lord Jesus together both in our hearts and as His Church and His body. So I will try to recall as many answers I had heard from my brothers and sister last night as I can remember here.

Click over to her blog to read her list and increase your delight in Jesus!

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