Saturday, March 22, 2008

Self-portrait of a racist - Do we need a "Racebook?" Self-portrait of a racist:

Pasha Malla writes an interesting article on race and prejudice - especially as it is found in Toronto. As a church planter committed to doing all I can to build a multi-cultural, heaven-reflecting church, I found Malla's self-disclosure and suggested cures both refreshing and sad.

"Refreshing," since Malla decries political-correctness that misses the heart of the bigotry problem; "sad," because I don't think he has found the cure. Without wanting to sound triumphalistic, I would suggest the only cure to heart prejudice is found in conversion to Christianity. That statement deserves at least one post of explanation that I cannot give right now, but I think it would profit you to read the article. (Note: The piece does include some offensive language.)

"Toronto, especially, enjoys an international reputation as a mosaic of ethnicities and religions, where immigrants are encouraged to speak their native languages and practice their faiths. And, to be fair, the Torontonian approach to racial multiplicity is based in tenets of which we should be proud. True equality, however, extends beyond merely allowing people into the city and then tolerating their behaviour.

While we denounce other places with institutionalized policies that discriminate against immigrants, or disallow them entirely, in idealistic Toronto a brand of racism is practiced that is much deeper and more systemic."

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