Thursday, March 20, 2008

Relentless Evangelism

Jesus is remarkable.

As you read through John 6, two things stick out. First, Jesus always tells people what they need to hear, not what they think they need to know! I love the way He carefully re-directs conversations to the main thing – Himself. But the other thing you will notice is that Jesus does this with friend and foe alike. While it is true that He sometimes spoke in parables so that His enemies would not understand, in John 6 He speaks plainly so that they will grasp the Gospel message.

I like to think of this as relentless evangelism... and it is an encouragement to my heart. In pluralistic Canada, if you eventually get brave enough to say the name “Jesus” out loud (and not as a cuss word) that is offense enough. But if the one you evangelize asks you to stop, or to not bring up the subject again, then it becomes the equivalent of high treason if you do! “Bad enough you talked to me about Jesus once – don’t do it twice!”

Of course, this is nothing new. And with all the family gatherings and such over the Easter weekend, I think it is good to remember that Jesus was never ashamed of Himself or of His gospel. In fact, as you read John 6 you hear Him preaching His deity, God’s foreordination, election, effectual calling and the resurrection – to His enemies! And in the midst of that theological lesson He looks them in the eye and says, “Believe on Me! Look on Me! Receive Me! Come to Me! Feed on Me! And live!”

So, don’t be afraid to be cordially relentless in your evangelism this weekend. No future saint will scold you for your perseverance!


  1. "No future saint will scold you for your perseverance!"

    I consider myself exhorted.

    Great line. Can I steal it?

  2. I'm with Terry. That entire last paragraph is pure gold.

    Cordially relentless

    A necessary combination, and great description of the required evangelistic attitude and method.

    Great exhortation, Paul. Thanks!

  3. Terry -
    Steal all you want!

    Dan -
    Thanks for the encouragement.