Friday, October 12, 2007

Toronto Homicides in 2007

CBC News In Depth: Toronto Homicides in 2007

The CBC has a sad map here that shows where every reported murder in Toronto occurred in 2007.

I am glad to see that Rexdale (the long-standing homicide capitol of Canada... and my home...) did not have as many red dots as I thought it might.

Each of these marks on the map was a person.


  1. We keep trying to tell the rest of the city that it's not as bad here as everyone thinks. Shaking off the reputation that the summer of 2005 (or was it 2006?) gave us is not easy. Come to Rexdale!! It could be worse. It could be Scarborough.

  2. Scarborough ain't as bad as people make it seem. I live here and always feel safe. Etobicoke may not have the most murders but they sure do have a lot of shootings. But no sense in arguing what area has the most, it's sad that areas like Jane and Finch have more murders than an entire city.

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  3. Hey Kenny,

    check out the police stats here

    check out Chief's Blair's comments..

    Scarborough is the safest part of the city, quote unqote chief blair.

    Scarborough is north of 609 000. What is Rexdale, 30 000, with the same amount of crime. It's called per capita crime rate son.