Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Gospel Advances in Cambridge

One of the joys of staying in one church and one fellowship is that you get to see the Lord’s work over time. This past Sunday I was preaching at Grace Bible Church in Cambridge which has been ably pastored by my friend David Robinson for, I think, over ten years now.

David came to the church when they were still Blair Community Church – a small, yet enduring work in the little villa of Blair (now a part of Cambridge). After several years of faithful ministry, working a part-time job to make ends meet and the goodness of God, the Lord added to the work and this little church was out of room. They sold their somewhat antiquated building, rented for several years and finally built in the nearby community of Preston.

I think they will need to build again soon!

My time at the church over this holiday weekend was a great encouragement as their now near-full new building was singing, praying and hearing the Word with eagerness. They showed much patience to this poor preacher and best of all, a genuine love for the Saviour.

David was on a flight back from a two-week teaching stint in Mongolia... and even though these saints were more than ready to have their pastor back, they were full of grace to my family. (You can read David’s riveting reports of his trip on his blog.)

And the end of the day, we traveled back to Toronto with thanks to God for the progress of the Gospel in Cambridge and a greater zeal to pray for the extension of His mighty Kingdom there.