Saturday, October 06, 2007

Marion Jones and What Happens to Liars

"I have always maintained that I have never ever taken performance-enhancing drugs, and I am pleased that a scientific process has now demonstrated that fact."

These were the words of a joyful Marion Jones on September 6.

Yesterday, this is what the same US Olympic champion had to say…

"It is with a great amount of shame that I stand before you and tell you that I have betrayed your trust. Because of my actions I am retiring from the sport of track and field, a sport which I deeply love."

What actions?

According to Jones, she was unknowingly (at first) taking a performance-enhancing substance called “the clear.” Court records seem to imply that she stopped taking the substance once she discovered what it was. Then she lied about taking the drug… to Federal prosecutors… under oath.

What happens next is up to the prosecution, but it is one more living lesson that lies nearly always get exposed.

The father of lies always promises more than he can deliver. Now a woman who by all counts would have been a great athlete without enhancement will lose her five Olympic medals, all her records, and all the good fame she sought.

But we’ve seen all this before. And someone who can lie about getting juiced can just as easily lie about their retirement.

Which just goes to show you, once a proven liar, nearly everything you say is called into question.

I hate lies. I have told far too many of them in my life. In fact, it was an inability to stop lying that in many ways drove me to the cross. I pray the Lord in His grace uses a similar method to call Marion Jones to Himself.

Flee from falsehood, friends.


  1. "....once a proven liar,nearly everything you say is called into question..." it comes right down to a matter of trust , doesn't it? How sad that once again an athlete who have been deified by so many displays her humanity in such an abrupt way.

  2. She is such a liar!

  3. A lie is just the truth in waiting
    it always come out in the end. A lie takes
    you off your given path and leads you nowhere
    in the end. Truth sets you free and back to
    glory. Then your right path is once again
    found. I met someone I cared about and tried
    to help, a series of lies led to his betrayal.

    At first I struggled with the fact that this
    man lied about everything yet found great gain.
    Now I see that the gain he found through
    the lies that took him on the wrong path
    was just a barrage of smoke screens, his fall
    just like the spectacular fall of Marion
    Jones was the result of the choice to lie
    for gain.

    He too ended up back at square one whereas
    the truth would have led him through hard
    work and determination to a better future.
    Never ever envy what liars gain for they are
    smoke screen that will one day be taken
    away. Peace, love, & blessings.