Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rick Phiips on Mother Teresa's Redemption

Reformation21 Blog» Mother Teresa's Redemption: "But it is clear from Mother Teresa's correspondence that what she was looking for was another ecstatic visionary experience. Her idea of salvation was to participate mystically in deity itself. To have such an experience was to have Christ. To fail to achieve this mystic height was to be without Christ.

This leads to the main reflections I want to offer in light of Mother Teresa's new book. The first is that instead of offering a primer on the despair of works-righteousness, she really offers a primer on the perils of mystical, ecstatic Christianity...

If this is the case, Mother Teresa should not be venerated for the towering height of her spiritual achievement. What she accomplished should continue to be admired on its own merits. But as a spiritual example, she is to be sincerely and compassionately pitied. "