Thursday, August 30, 2007

Modesty Guidelines - Pure Fashion

Modesty Guidelines - Pure Fashion

The Catholic-sponsored group Pure Fashion has a Modesty Checklist. I am curious from my female readers if something like this is helpful? I am just asking about "a list," not the whole program and fashion show stuff that PF puts on.

A similar list is available from the GirlTalkers here.

So, the question is, if you are a woman, are these lists helpful?


  1. The short answer is yes, they are helpful.

    The longer answer being, that even among conservative women there are things to be reminded of, things that maybe we hadn't considered before, and just knowing that this is a concern graciously and thoughtfully addressed by other women is an encouragement.

    I do think it's important when reading such lists, is that they shouldn't be an iron-clad rule for everyone, but more of a general guideline to take into prayerful consideration if that needs to happen.

    This past spring I posted a similar list along with my thoughts on modesty and it's one of the most searched for posts at my blog. This tells me it's a topic on the minds of many, and that's a good thing.

    Carla Rolfe

  2. "...they shouldn't be an iron-clad rule for everyone, but more of a general guideline to take into prayerful consideration..."

    I like that caveat a lot, Carla. I know my own heart resists lists like this because of their frequent abuse - people pull a Pharisee and try to merit righteousness by rule-fulfillment.

    But I am also father to 3 lovely girls!

    And it seems clear to me that most women could use some careful, loving instruction on what men see. In other words, it seems to me that a lot of "immodesty" is actually just "ignorance." A woman may have a very modest heart and dress slightly inappropriate. Likewise, a woman may have a very immodest heart and dress like a prude.

    So, what I wonder is if lists like this, when used in manner that does not bypass the heart, can be practically very helpful to women.

    Thanks for your answer!