Friday, April 21, 2006

End of Seminary and Some Cool Stuff...

Today marked the end of my seminary class on Pastoral Theology. This has been a wonderful class, really because of the calibre of men the great topics we were able to study. We went to a local funeral home today to meet with the Director and tour the facilities. Then we spent the day talking about funerals, how to run them, how to minister, etc. I am so excited by these men and hope that one day they will all look back fondly on this picture having served the Lord for many years as His undershepherds.

Josh has a great post on his blog today on Psalm 96 that you should read. He is not a seminary student. He reads his Bible though...

Mark Dever speaks a little to pastoral visitation at the T4G blog. My co-elder Murray the paramedic has been going out with me quite often the last few weeks on pastoral visits. We love them. I should post sometime on our new system to get these done. It has worked better than anything I have previously attempted.

I had lunch with The Cowboy today and he alerted me to a long comment string on Coloratura Christian's blog. It is very worth reading as it deals with the atonement issues raised by emergent/emerging churches. (If you didn't know, the Cowboy is married to the Coloratura!)

EXAMININGEMERGENT is rushing toward 1500 visitors from 41 countries in 10 days. Apparently there is some interest. Apparently some people don't like my points either - you can read the comments.

Big thanks to Adrian Warnock for noting all the new posts as they appear on the EE blog. That challies fellow had something to say about it today, too. But he needs serious work on his nomenclature!


  1. I like how Ryan has that Fitzmeyer commentary in front of him. Makes him look Catholic. :)

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  3. Dear Paul,

    First, that's great to hear that the pastoral theology class ended well. I wish I had the opportunity to have taken that class prior to being IN pastoral ministry. Remember the frantic phone call from me to you when I had to do my first funeral?

    Second, PLEASE post on pastoral visitation, especially with regard to you and Murray visiting together. I need advice on this, especially with regard to scheduling, and how to spend the time.