Saturday, April 08, 2006

McLaren at Richview...

Just got back from listening to Brian McLaren at Richview Baptist Church. It was an interesting time. There were about 60 or so there by my guestimate, and at least a dozen or so were not "pro-emergent." Darryl Dash had a the auditorium at Richview set up quite nicely with tables and chairs in small groupings and (sorry Darryl!) the token Emergent candles! :-)
Brian spoke of his recent travels then fielded some questions. I don't want to address those directly, but will say that he is a very articulate speaker... the gift of the gab, as they say.
I was quite nervous going to this meeting since I am to present the paper on emergent on Monday morning! Sunday being a rather busy day for me, that didn't allow a lot of re-write time, but this meeting did nothing but confirm what I have written in my own mind.
I met Nathan Colquhoun (one of the very pleasant organizers of the Evolving Church conference held at Tyndale today). We hope to see each other again on Monday.
Challies, the Cowboy, the Ruminator, and Gym were all sitting nearby... I will be interested to read their comments in the next few days.
But, the real joy of this night is the thought of preaching Romans 12:2 tomorrow!!! What a joy to sit under the Word! I should get to bed!


  1. We may have had candles, but at least I didn't grow a goatee for the occasion. ;)

    Glad you could come tonight. God's blessing as you preach tomorrow.

  2. I can set up tables and have candles burning for the meeting tomorrow if you like. Can't offer you a leather chair for you not to sit in though.

  3. It was good to meet you also, looking forward to your paper tomorrow.

  4. Darryl - I would like to thank you for not growing a goatee!

    Ken - I prefer to stand anyway...

    Nathan - Good to meet you, too! Looking forward to tomorrow!

  5. Hey Paul,
    I really appreciated your paper today at FRPS - very balanced, insightful and accurate in terms of its critique. You obviously spent a lot of time and effort on it and it definitely paid off.

  6. thanks for being fair in this post.

    I'm going out to an emergent establishment tonight, candles on the tables and everything... Olive Garden. :-)