Wednesday, April 19, 2006 What's good about the emerging church? What's good about the emerging church?

Darryl has been kind enough to answer my query at his blog. Be sure to check it out.
He links to David Wayne's list as well.

My original request was this:
"What I am really trying to find out from those who know better than me, is what specific things emergent alone has to offer the church at large. I think this is a very worthy question. If there are none, then we might as well just move on. If there are some, then we all need to know them. If there are only a few, then let's own them and press on. If there are hundreds, then let's stop and re-think everything we are doing.
And there is no point in vagueries. We need to know specifically, what are we missing that emergent has to offer?"



    orgins of the emerging church, by dan kimball, its just a new post, might be of some interest.


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