Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dr. Geoff Adams Has Gone to Glory

Dr. Geoffrey A. Adams
Professor Emeritus of Biblical Theology

Dr. Adams arrived in heaven last night. His long fight with cancer finally over.

His lengthy and faithful ministry included pastoring for 12 years as well as teaching at Toronto Baptist Seminary from 1954.

While I was never a student of Dr. Adams, I was an ardent admirer. He was the first of the "old guys" within our circle of churches to learn my name at those early FRPS meetings. In fact, I could never recall his name, so somehow I got into the habit of calling him "Doc." He didn't seem to mind.

Doc Adams was always asking about "the new work in Toronto" and seemed to take real delight in the Lord's growth and grace to us. The last time I spoke with him was just several weeks ago on the phone. He was still arranging preachers for vacant summer Sundays at Jarvis - from his bed.

His transfer to glory is not a shock due to his poor health, but yet another death reminds us of how unnatural it is for people to stop living. We were created to live. Praise the Lord that Dr. Adams is living like never before... with Jesus!

UPDATE: Ian has some more insights on Dr. Adams as well as early funeral information.

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