Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tim Challies Expose - Travelling With a Star!

It was my joy to travel to Together for the Gospel with Tim Challies, the official live-blogger of the event. It has been a long time since I "tagged along" with anyone, so I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this change of pace. People may wonder what it is like to travel with the world's most famous evangelical, Christian blogger. People may not. Either way, I thought I might produce a small photo essay to fill you in.

The first thing you ought to know is that Tim loves his fun, so we were forced to ride back and forth many times on those moving walkways at each of the four airports we used. Here is Tim simply gushing with joy as we reach the end of another thrill-filled 100 meters.

Our flight was late getting into Louisville, but we managed to make it to the Band of Bloggers meeting anyway. Tim is used to this kind of spotlight all over the world... notice the look of pure joy on his face as Dr. Al Mohler introduces him to the crowd of 120 or so gathered to sit at his feet.

Of course, live-blogging requires a lot of... live-blogging... and dead-blogging, or not-so-live blogging... as Tim is doing here. (Candid photos like this are very rare. It is not every day you see a blogger blogging. Observe the careful stance, nuanced approach and bent fingers. Remarkable.)

Well, I had more to add, but blogger is giving me excessive grief trying to add these photos. Suffice to say that Challeez is the man.

And, by the way... one of us snores.