Monday, April 03, 2006

WestJet Wins Best Corporate April Fool's Joke

WestJet Asks Guests to Assist in Realizing Fuel Efficiencies

WestJet announced today that it will be launching a new program where guests can assist the airline in realizing fuel efficiencies.

“Our Blended Winglet Technology has allowed us to reap the benefits of improved fuel efficiency,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet’s Director Brand and Communications. “Knowing this, we commissioned a number of studies to determine how this principle could be applied inside the aircraft with our guests. The results were conclusively positive; the combination of specific hand and arm positions of our guests has a direct impact on our fuel efficiency.”

“Beginning today, we ask that every guest aboard a WestJet aircraft assume the inflight winglet position upon takeoff,” says Bartrem. “This involves straightening the arms at a ninety-degree angle to the side of the body, holding the fingers together, and positioning the hand at a ninety-degree angle upward. For more information, visit and click on the ‘Blended Winglets’ banner.”

The airline is confident the increased roominess of their Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft will ensure all guests are able to fully participate in this cost-saving measure.


  1. I'm flying on WestJet tomorrow night -- the red eye from Edmonton to Montreal. I hope they have given up on this policy by then. I'd hate to have to say to my host, "I've just flown in from Edmonton, and, boy, are my arms tired."


  2. Ba-dum-bump! [Cue cymbal crash]

    I've gotten more mileage out of that line over the years than I will ever admit...

    Thanks for the smile!