Sunday, April 02, 2006

Emergent What?

The date for a paper I am presenting on The Emergent Church has been changed to Monday, April 10th. Same time and place (10AM at Thistletown Baptist).

It would be great to have a mixed crowd there - the discussion would be excellent.

I will mention this a couple of other times, but just wanted to note the date change.

I am aiming to make the paper an introduction of sorts, as well as tracing recent developments. Hopefully this will make the event helpful to the one who is completely ignorant of Emergent and the one who is following things closely.


  1. Is it true that you invited Brian McLaren to attend? I'll be there. I'm also going to the thing on Saturday night at Richview Baptist or whatever its called that Ken was talking about at FRPS. You going?

  2. I'll be there also.

    Paul, i'd love to meet you if you will be there, i'll do my best to attend your paper presentation also.

  3. It'll be great to blast them out of the water. I'll be there!

  4. I am afraid you will be disappointed, Trish. There won't be any blasting.
    In fact, I am quite hopeful that many Emergent folks will be able to come and join in the discussion time that follows the paper. If my conclusions are correct, then it is critical we talk about these things together.

    Then again, I am wondering if you are a real person, Trish... since I have never seen your name on my blog before and you didn't leave a link...

    Either way, I hope you come and I hope the Lord draws near on that day in grace.

  5. Trish:

    It will be great to finally meet you in person.


    Praying for you as you prepare.

  6. Ill be looking forward to your paper brother! Ill be praying for your meeting this week as well, that God will be glorified. Keep seeking and delighting in Christ!