Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oversight of Souls: Pastoral Plagiarism

Ray Van Neste Writes a Shocking Report Here!

"This article is a brazen argument for pastors to quit trying to produce their own sermons and instead simply preach the material of others- even word for word! Sjogren argues that laboring to prepare a sermon yourself is silly, stating: “stop all of this nonsense of spending 25 or 30 hours a week preparing to speak on the weekend.” As a positive example he cites Paul Cho, pastor of supposedly the largest church in the world in Korea, who said:

'Honestly, I have never given an original message in all my years of ministry here at Yoido Church. Each week, I preach word-for-word messages from either Billy Graham or W.A. Criswell from Dallas First Baptist Church. I can't afford to not have a home run each weekend when we gather. I don't trust my own ability to give completely original messages.'"

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  1. Hold the phone henryetta! There is somthing unique and special about a pastor who labours over a passage all week, praying, seeking God and struggling over difficult passages that comes through in his preaching of the text. He 'owns' the text, if you will, and has a burden and passion about preaching it. Perhaps Im barking up the wrong tree, but it gets up my nose because I cant see how a pastor can struggle with the text when the sermon has already been written for him? Pastor Cho's words 'I can afford not to have a home run each weekend when we gather. I dont trust my own ability...' is a sad statement. If you study Gods Word well, and rely on Him for wisdom, He will guide you. Can you preach the whole counsel of Gods Word if you dont study? I also wonder if it is a lack of training? I wonder if he can not preach(is he compelled to preach, can he keep his mouth closed...does he have a 'fire in his bones')??? May God grant Pastor Cho much grace....