Thursday, March 23, 2006

MLJ: Why "Dialogue" is a Waste of Time and Preaching a Must! (Sorry ECM!)

Came across this remarkable quote this afternoon reading Martin Lloyd-Jones on Romans 11:33-36 from a sermon preached sometime around 1965...

Now that is the trouble with the modern man. It is that man, by nature, is sinful, has got a carnal mind, hates God, and the devil whom he unknowingly serves, has blinded the minds of them that believe not. It does not matter how clever or able he is. The devil has blinded his mind ‘lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them’. That, according to the Apostle and according to the whole of the scriptural teaching, is the one and only explanation as to why men and women do not believe. Therefore what have I to learn from such a man? What has a man who is blinded by the devil got to tell me about these matters? Why should I have a dialogue with him? No, no, I am sorry for him. The man is blinded, he is ignorant, he knows nothing. I have the knowledge which alone can help him. It is not mine, it has been given to me, it has been revealed to me, and it is my duty to tell him. I am doing him a disservice by letting him talk. He is not capable of expressing an opinion. He is in the dark, ‘dead in trespasses and sins’. That is the whole of the scriptural teaching.
But, the modern teaching denies this utterly and absolutely, and this is the spectacle by which we are confronted, that the modern church is paying compliments to the unregenerate man and says, ‘Now we must preach less to you, we have been speaking too much, let us sit down, you talk, I want to listen, I want to learn from you’. I do not hesitate to assert that that is a denial of Christ. Not only do I not learn from the natural unregenerate man, I do not learn from the Hindu or the Muslim, the Confucian or the Buddhist; they have nothing to tell me. The Bible, and the Bible alone, contains the knowledge and it is given by God. And it is our business to call upon the natural unregenerate man to be silent, to listen, to learn. We are to say to him, ‘Hearken unto me’. ‘Whom ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you’. The greatest need in the world tonight is the authoritative proclamation of this one and only gospel.

Cited from Romans: To God's Glory, Banner of Truth, p. 270.