Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dear American Readers...

Canada Wins Stunning Upset Over USA in World Baseball Classic:

Not that I am a patriot or anything... but things like this so often get played down by the US MSM that I thought I would perform a true blogging service and point out this sad (pathetic, really) defeat.

"The victory is Canada's biggest over the United States in international baseball and perhaps the national team's most significant win ever. Previous highlights included a 7-6, 11-inning win over the Americans at the 1999 Pan Am Games and an 8-7 triumph over the Yanks at the 1988 Olympics. But this one came against a collection of all-stars featuring at least four probable Hall of Famers.

'I'm still smiling, it was an amazing game,' said first baseman Justin Morneau. 'We kind of got a little bit of a scare there at the end, it was as excited as I've ever been on the field.'

The Americans beat Mexico 2-0 in their opener Tuesday and can be eliminated before they take the field for their finale against South Africa on Friday. "

Sincerely Yours,