Monday, March 06, 2006

Haykin on the Nature of the Church

My dear brother Michael Haykin was gracious to come and preach for us this past Sunday due to my illness earlier in the week. Dr. Haykin preached a wonderful message on the nature of the church from the list of names in Romans 16 .
Of course we got all the engaging biographical pictures one would expect from Dr. Haykin, but even better than this was his urgent appeal to the lost to embrace the Saviour. Our Jesus, the Redeemer and Lord of these men and women from so long ago.
I love to hear men preach Christ. Like Lloyd-Jones once remarked, "When I hear the Gospel, it makes me want to get saved all over again!"
Friends, this is really a sermon worth listening to in order to savour Christ all the more. You can download it for free from our site. (Thanks to Dorin for always getting these sermons available for download so quickly!)

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  1. I found the explanation of tentmaker fascinating. I've never viewed Paul the apostle, and Prisca and Aquilla as military contractors before.