Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Teaching at Toronto Baptist Seminary

This is probably a little weird to blog about, but I just finished grading papers for my Pastoral Theology II: Running a Baptist Church class and I got to thinking...
What a fantastic bunch of young men I have in this class. They are all eager, articulate, thoughtful, engaging and just plain fun to be around. We have had a great start to the semester talking about everything from how to structure your physical office to how to understand a budget.
One of the highlights so far was the role-playing of church member’s meetings where I invited the guys to be as disruptive as they liked! One by one they chaired the meeting and had to graciously handle being interrupted, corrected, challenged and detoured. Even though there was a lot of laughter throughout, there were also a lot of wheels turning as my brothers tried to think on their feet, implementing Biblical wisdom into difficult situations.
I guess what I like most though is the growing camaraderie amongst these men. There is nothing quite like a room full of spiritual men intent on becoming the best pastors they can be. Especially after our pre-class meeting at Starbucks!
Pray for us, won’t you? And ask the Lord to raise up these men and work his grace through them far beyond whatever you or them or I could ever imagine!