Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pray for Your Pastor....

Martin Luther responded once with these words to those who worked hard physical labor and considered the occupation of study a soft life.

“Sure, it would be hard for me to sit "in the saddle." But then again I would like to see the horseman who could sit still for a whole day and gaze at a book without worrying or dreaming or thinking about anything else. Ask ... a preacher ... how much work it is to speak and preach ... The pen is very light, that is true ... But in this work the best part of the human body (the head), the noblest member (the tongue), and the highest work (speech) bear the brunt of the load and work the hardest, while in other kinds of work either the hand, the foot, the back or other members do the work alone so such a person can sing happily or make jokes freely which a sermon writer cannot do. Three fingers do it all ... but the whole body and soul have to work at it.”

Self-control, spirituality, honesty, integrity, discipline - these are all needed in a man who spends time alone with a Bible and his God. Pray for your pastor, whoever he is, that God will bless him with these attributes.


  1. That's a great quote from Luther, Paul. Where did you find it?

  2. Sorry! Should have included that!!
    I am quoting from a paper John Piper gave and he references this source: Meuser, Fred W., Luther the Preacher, pp. 44-45.

  3. I needed that one right now. Baby is almost 8 weeks old and is finally settling down at night (enough for me to be able to think again), and now I have a cold. Labour at a desk is a very appropriate word! Pray for me.