Monday, February 13, 2006

Stanley Kurtz on Marriage in Canada

Stanley Kurtz has a telling article here on the abolition of marriage agenda of the former Liberal government. National Review is no liberal-friendly news source, but that does not negate the assembly of quotes and facts Kurtz has made. I think this is a good article to read and consider.

Read the whole article here:

One quote: "It’s like this. The way to abolish marriage, without seeming to abolish it, is to redefine the institution out of existence. If everything can be marriage, pretty soon nothing will be marriage. Legalize gay marriage, followed by multi-partner marriage, and pretty soon the whole idea of marriage will be meaningless. At that point, Canada can move to what Bailey and her friends really want: an infinitely flexible relationship system that validates any conceivable family arrangement, regardless of the number or gender of partners."