Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Avoiding The Wall of Antagonism - The Twin Towers of Faith!

Avoiding The Wall of Antagonism - The Twin Towers of Faith!
Dave and Ken have a nice long quote from Ray Comfort's book on evangelism that is worth a good read.

Yesterday my family was at a large "entertainment venue" in Ontario when the Lord opened the door for me to evangelize the dear lady behind the coffee counter. I was telling her how great my day was when it became obvious she did not share my sentiments. I asked her why and she said something about it being Monday.
"Did you get to go to church yesterday," I asked. "No, I am Adventist... but I have not gone to church in a long while."
"Aren't you concerned that things are not right between you and God?"
"No, I am fine" she responded. "I am a good person."
"A good person? Can I give you the good person test?"

After taking the test (and failing) I was able to give her a tract called "ticket to heaven." Please pray for this woman. I will not post her name or where she worked to protect her privacy... but the Lord will know who you mean! There was much more to our conversation, but it was clear she needed Jesus to save her.

If you want to spark your personal evangelism, click here


  1. The Way of the Master is an awesome tool for Christians. Ray Comfort has written some helpful books as well. Check out my little blog http://nikopedia.blogspot.com/
    I posted a lesson on evangelism. I learned most of my things from Ray Comfort's Biblical teachings.

    Hehehehehehehe I think it is unethical to use someone's else's blog to promote yours. Sorry about that! I won't do it again! ;)

  2. Paul, I sent a TMS Alumni invite on 10/07/2005 to your email listed on the TMS website. I resent the invite to the same address, so let me know if it has changed. I also added your blog to the blogroll. I look forward to your posts! Regards.

  3. My wife has been using the Comfort/Cameron material on telemarketers. She's had some memorable conversations. We're also showing the Way of the Master DVD set at our church. This is a great tool on how to use the Law in evangelism (Gal 3:24-25).

  4. Hey Paul,

    I went to TMC w/ you way back when. We were in the same class, but I graduated a year later (something about my major classes only being offered even years/spring semester). I remember your great chapel announcemets and such. I was friends w/ Tammy and Kim Stepp, Mark and Steve Healy, et al.

    If you have your '89 yearbook, there is pic of me (incorrectly marked btw - That was at the LA Kings v. Edmonton Oilers (Gretzke was on the Oilers @ the time) on Page 37. Anyways, I love the Way of the Master stuff. I love wearing some t-shirts that have the tracts on them. Good stuff. I work w/ youth at my church, I have given students the way of the master book to more evangelistic students - again, good stuff. I read your blog once in a while, fun stuff. I saw you post on Pyromaniac months ago so I found your blog and have read it for a few months. Enough for now.