Monday, November 21, 2005

I Ain't No Poet (And yes, I know it!)

As Paul closes his letter to the Ephesians he urges them to pray for him. (A lesson in and of itself!) He gave them two "requests" or things to pray for; first, that he might have "a word" or "a message" from God. Second, that he might preach it "with boldness."

Paul understood that for the Christian pastor, the spiritual battle will often be fought right here. There are many things to distract a man from spending enough time with God in His Word to "get a word." And even when he does get a message from God to preach to the people, he will be tempted on every side to capitulate and cave in to the pressures around him. "Don't be so dogmatic." "What makes you right and everyone else wrong?" "Who do you think you are?"

Friend, pray for your pastor!!! Pray God gives him a word and pray God gives him boldness!

Pray for boldness –
Pray for it twice!
For lack of conviction
Is a preacher’s vice.

A man without message
Or courage of heart
Has nothing to say –
No Truth to impart.

So, pray without ceasing
Pray with “all prayer;”
That through feeble preachers
God’s arm He would bare

That glory and power
Might fall from above
As sinners are won
By the great God of Love!


  1. Thank you for the verse... O bard!

    All kidding aside... how much we need both a message and the power to proclaim it to the glory of God.

  2. The need for prayer from others in us who preach is more a matter of "where" than "what". Paul needed prayer because he was going to be giving the Gospel to people who did not believe, did not want to hear him and quite often showed their displeasure in very physical ways. We need to get out of our churches and do similar things.

    I have been preaching to my people now for over twelve years. And even though I say things that they often do not want to hear, and that they react to negatively, it is not difficult to deliver it. In fact, they have come to expect me to say hard things.

    I live in a community that is, quite literally shooting itself to hell and I need prayers that I get into the community and be given words and open my mouth boldly to proclaim the mystery of the Gospel outside the safe confines of my pulpit.

  3. Ken,
    I agree with you wholeheartedly! My community is quite similar to yours - quite similar!
    I guess I would only add that I think we need both - a "word" and "boldness" - for both places - the church and the community.
    Recent events in my own backyard have made me wish I was more involved with say, the local police department. It makes me ashamed for missing a meeting I was invited to with them just last week!!
    It is time I stopped idolizing men like Graham and Ouseley (evangelists under John Wesley in Ireland who suffered much) and started doing what they did. (These guys would back their horses up in front of the Roman Catholic shop-owner's store so as to stop the mob from throwing rocks at them! Now there is some courage - and ingenuity!)
    Thanks for the post.

  4. I missed the meeting too. Was really glad that no one called for a ride!!